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3 reasons why you should use video for lead generation

We know creating the right impression for your business helps feed that all-important sales pipeline - and, these days, nothing makes an impression quite like online video.


Online video is the world's fastest growing content channel - and there are three excellent reasons why it's essential to effective B2B communications.


Number One:


Decision-makers prefer video. Let's face it: I'm busy, you're busy... but video is a super-quick to absorb information. Try this: 83% of B2B decision-makers are watching more online videos than they were a year ago, 65% of them visit a business' website after watching a video, 53% go on to search for more information - and 60% say they share business-related videos with their colleagues. 


Phew - reading that would make your eyes fall out.


Number Two:


Video lets you convey your personality. Text is just so… well… wordy. Video lets you show people  who you are, what you do and who you do it for. And not only does it let you communicate clearly, quickly and concisely, video is 56 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google than standard text. Making it easier for more people  to see just how lovely you are.


Number Three: 


Technology has made video viable. We live in a high-speed, can't-wait broadband world where 1.5 million business searches every day make YouTube the world's second biggest search engine. And the number of B2B users watching video online each month is forecast to increase by a further 25% by 2015. Which will probably be almost everyone.


So there you have it… in a non-stop world where mobile devices mean people's work heads are switched on 24/7, video creates a powerful and engaging connection: it lets you put your sales messages right in their hands. 


It's the future. We know: because we've tasted it.


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